Pattern Glitter HTV Instructions

Patterned Glitter HTV Instructions-
Cut in regular view, weed apply mask to top of the design with a squeegee, remove backing and press.
Time: 12 seconds
Temperature: 302°F/150°C
Pressure: Medium
Peel: Hot

Requires high tack heat transfer mask.  We recommend Stahls' High Tack Magic Mask. 
Colors will print lighter on glitter HTV due to the inks absorbing into the material different than other materials.

We do not refund for user error including but not limited to not following instructions, melting htv and using improper transfer tape.  If this is the first time you are using our vinyl and/or you are using an iron to apply htv the customer needs to do a test cut and test pressing first with small or scrap pieces until the desired results are achieved.  We do not recommend making a full design with the vinyl until you have familiarized yourself with it using your equipment.  If you have questions, we are always happy to help.  Instructions are meant to be used as guidelines due to variations in heat presses, cutters and irons.