Pattern heat transfer or adhesive vinyl 12x12 inch most popular prints 10 sheet multipack bundle MP1

Breeze Crafts


Heat transfer vinyl, gloss outdoor vinyl, matte outdoor vinyl, glitter outdoor adhesive vinyl and matte indoor vinyl available.

You will receive one 12x12 inch sheet of each pattern listed in your choice of material. One material per bundle.
The following patterns are included:
Flag stars and stripes (1/2 and 1/2 sheet)
Red buffalo plaid
Rose mint floral
Rainbow galaxy
Serape stripe
Pineapple floral
Flamingo floral
Purple and aqua mermaid scale
Peacock botanical

Heat transfer vinyl- 1-FREE SHEET of Heat Transfer Tape included per order to get you started!! TWO uses per sheet possible! Additional sheets of Heat Transfer Tape extra.
Please be aware that this type of heat transfer vinyl does not come with application tape/carrier due to how it is created though we strongly recommend it for easy removal of backing especially for intricate designs. If you need ADDITIONAL heat transfer application tape it is found at this listing...
Read below for heat transfer application instructions. 

Matte or gloss outdoor vinyl- Top quality printed outdoor 3 mil vinyl with permanent adhesive. Adhesive 3 mil DOES NOT STICK TO SOME RUBBERIZED FINISHES. Take care when applying by using a transfer tape. Do not rub directly on the vinyl when applying. It may scratch. DO NOT USE 3 MIL VINYL ON WALLS. 3 mil indoor/5 year outdoor vinyl … weatherproof, waterproof

Matte indoor vinyl – Removable 6 mil matte indoor wall vinyl perfect for temporary decoration, walls, glass, painted surfaces and more. DO NOT APPLY TO FRESHLY PAINTED SURFACES. Apply with transfer tape. Do not squeegee without transfer tape or vinyl will scratch.

Adhesive Glitter- Outdoor rated gloss glitter with permanent adhesive. 3.0 mil, 5-year cast vinyl with the high gloss glitter smooth look.
Great for general purpose signs: interior/exterior, posters, show cards, banners and window graphics. Excellent cutting, weeding and transferring.
Cut positive, weed excess vinyl, apply transfer tape, lift off liner and apply.

Vinyls are not reusable.

Directions for heat press****
Cut pattern side and weed excess material. Apply heat transfer tape to top of design (not included), squeegee, remove backing and place on garment. Heat press at 320 degrees for 18 seconds with medium to heavy pressure. Peel transfer tape hot within 5 seconds.


***Test on scrap fabric or in an inconspicuous area first to figure out your needed time and iron settings since all irons are different.

Cut pattern/color side (not in reverse). Weed excess material. Apply heat transfer tape to the top of the design (not included), squeegee, remove backing and place on garment.

PLACE PARCHMENT PAPER OR COVER SHEET on top of vinyl and tape. If you do not use parchment paper or cover sheet, the vinyl will melt.

Turn iron onto low to medium low heat. Start with 10 seconds with even downward pressure and add an additional 5 seconds as needed. Try to avoid moving the iron. When the pattern of the fabric threads and the edges are attached, the vinyl is properly adhered.

We only use full color high quality EcoSolvent inks.
We do not refund for user error including but not limited to not following instructions, melting htv and using improper transfer tape. If this is the first time you are using our vinyl and/or you are using an iron to apply htv the customer needs to do a test cut and test pressing first with small or scrap pieces until the desired results are achieved. We do not recommend making a full design with the vinyl until you have familiarized yourself with it using your equipment. We include instructions in the package but if you have questions, we are always happy to help. Instructions are meant to be used as guidelines due to variations in heat presses, cutters and irons.
Although a pattern can be printed on multiple types of vinyl the colors might not be exact although printed with the exact same color value due to different white points, material makeup and the way inks are absorbed.