Scrap Bag of Heat transfer Vinyl

Breeze Crafts


In this scrap grab bag you will receive a variety of heat transfer vinyl sheets. Each bag is unique and will feature a variety of heat transfer vinyl that could include solid, glitter, holographic, patterned, metallic, etc. depending on what is available. It is not guaranteed that you will get every type of vinyl but there will be a good variety of what we have available. Picture shows an example of the materials you could receive in your bag.

Sheets will come in a variety of sizes, patterns and colors. They will be selected at random by us so no special requests on designs. Some patterned vinyl may not match our standard colors. Items will all be usable but may have slight defects and blemishes, cuts might not be straight, a crease or a wrinkle, a printer defect, roll ends, etc.

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Approximately 1 pound (approximately 13-16 square feet)
The items will be bagged by weight NOT the square footage amount. The square footage amount is only an estimate to give you an idea of how much you will receive. The weight purchased does not include the shipping materials or boxes. It is only the material bagged.


For patterned vinyl - Read below for heat transfer application instructions.

Cut pattern/color side (not in reverse) and weed excess material.. Apply heat transfer tape to top of design (not included), squeegee, remove backing and place on garment. Heat press at 320 degrees for 18 seconds with medium to heavy pressure. Peel hot within 5 seconds.


***Test on scrap fabric or in an inconspicuous area first to figure out your needed time and iron settings since all irons are different.

Cut pattern/color side (not in reverse). Weed excess material. Apply heat transfer tape to the top of the design (not included), squeegee, remove backing and place on garment.

PLACE PARCHMENT PAPER OR COVER SHEET on top of vinyl and tape. If you do not use parchment paper or cover, the vinyl may melt.

Turn iron onto low to medium low heat. Start with 10 seconds with even downward pressure and add an additional 5 seconds as needed. Try to avoid moving the iron. When the pattern of the fabric threads and the edges are attached, the vinyl is properly adhered.
We only use full color high quality EcoSolvent inks.

We do not refund for user error including but not limited to not following instructions, melting htv and using improper transfer tape. If this is the first time you are using our vinyl and/or you are using an iron to apply htv the customer needs to do a test cut and test pressing first with small or scrap pieces until the desired results are achieved. We do not recommend making a full design with the vinyl until you have familiarized yourself with it using your equipment. We include instructions in the package but if you have questions, we are always happy to help. Instructions are meant to be used as guidelines due to variations in heat presses, cutters and irons. Scrap bags are sold as is and are not returnable or refundable!

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