Stahls Foil Adhesive 10 foot roll for garments

Breeze Crafts


This product is required to adhere heat transfer foil to garments.  CAD-CUT® Heat Press Adhesive for long-lasting foil embellishments.
Heat transfer foils are known for being short-term embellishments when added to transfer papers and plastisol inks. This heat transfer foil adhesive solves that problem, permanently binding the foil, giving foil-embellished designs a long life.
Use with Stahls' Heat Transfer Foil

Easy, inexpensive way to create high-end fashion wear
No need to screen print a base layer for foil - just cut, apply, and foil
Arrives on a carrier for use with your vinyl cutter
Handles fine detail for intricate foil embellishments
11.8" wide x 10 foot roll- the same width as most heat transfer foils

CPSIA compliant
Breeze Print Company is an authorized Stahls' dealer