Sublimation Earrings, pointed teardrop, 1.5 inch - 1 sided SE5

Breeze Crafts


White sublimation UniSub earrings pair (2 earrings per quantity selected). They could also be used for pendants. One sided hardboard. Longest length measures 1.5 inches. Gloss finish. Decorate with sublimation or vinyl. Hardware not included. Bulk pricing is based on quantity of pairs.

Recommended sublimation settings- 

400 degrees for 60-70 seconds with a heat press. Medium pressure. Testing is always recommended to achieve desired results due to variations in paper, ink, heat press and atmospheric conditions. Heat tape is recommended to prevent shifting or ghosting. Press white side up.

Sublimation products are non-refundable due to the numerous conditions and variances in application, heat presses, inks, paper and more. Irons and Cricut Easy Presses will not work with sublimation.